What is the difference between a NY PLLC vs. an LLC?

One or more professionals may form, or cause to be formed, a professional service limited liability company (PLLC) in New York for profit for the purpose of rendering the professional service or services that the professionals are authorized to practice. A PLLC is formed by filing Articles of Organization pursuant to Section 1203 of the NY Limited Liability Company Law.

“Profession,” as defined in Section 1201(b) of the New York Limited Liability Company Law, includes any practice as an attorney and counselor-at-law, or as a licensed physician, and those occupations designated in Title Eight of the Education Law.  Title Eight of the New York Education Law includes the following professions: acupuncture, architecture, athletic training, audiology, certified shorthand reporting, chiropractic, dentistry, dietetics and nutrition, engineering, interior design, land surveying, landscape architecture, massage therapy, medical physics, medicine, midwifery, nursing, occupational therapy, ophthalmic dispensing, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, podiatry, psychology, public accountancy, respiratory therapy, social work, speech-language pathology and veterinary medicine.

Of course, if you have any questions about a Professional Service Limited Liability Company in New York, it is best to discuss them with a New York Small Business Lawyer (or company lawyer).