A New York Limited Liability Company  has the following benefits:

  • Liability Protection Like a Corporation. New York LLC members are generally protected from personal liability for debts and claims of the business. This means that if the business can’t pay a creditor or gets sued, the creditor cannot legally come after the member’s personal assets such as a house or car (unless the owner is hiding behind the corporate entity for his or her own unlawful or unscrupulous personal dealings, in that case the business owner might not be able to prevent personal liability if a creditor can prove facts and circumstance to “pierce the corporate veil”).
  • Maintenance.  LLCs are less formal than corporations and do not have the same corporate formality requirements such as annual meetings, maintaining minute books, and having corporate bylaws (of course, these items can be addressed in the LLC’s Operating Agreement).
  • Management.  An LLC provides a lot of flexibility in business organization and management. The owners can be individuals, trusts, partnerships, corporations, LLC and foreign individuals.  There are no requirements to have officers — one or more managers can run the LLC (as set forth in the LLC’s Operating Agreement).

Of course, if you have any questions about the benefits of having a New York LLC, you should speak with a New York Small Business Lawyer.