Despite the fact that New York has yet to establish the rules, applications and licenses for adult use recreational marijuana retail stores, stores are nevertheless opening up illegally. Entrepreneurs are ready to start righting the social inequity and disparate impact of the war on drugs by offering “free” cannabis gifts with the purchase of overpriced items, “gifts” in exchange for donations or straight out blatantly selling marijuana.

I sat with Michael Stahl from Rolling Stone Magazine and discussed the various ways, and the associated risks, New York City entrepreneurs are circumventing New York’s  Marijuana Reform and Taxation Act (MRTA) and getting a head start. Some businesses are under the false presumption that having the experience of distributing marijuana in this fashion is a stepping-stone to obtaining a license in the future.

The bottom line is that selling, gifting, or any distribution of marijuana in New York without the appropriate license it illegal.

Read the entire article here: Who Needs a License? New York Weed Dispensaries Are Already Opening – Rolling Stone Magazine November 24, 2021

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