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I have engaged Craig on a number of occasions for a variety of matters relating to entertainment and real estate law. On each of these matters, Craig has delivered only the highest quality work and provided myself and my associates with top-notch advice and guidance. It is rare to find a lawyer so fun and personable. I strongly recommend engaging Craig for your legal needs.

Craig is a very passionate and well respected attorney who I always enjoy working with in business and customer negotiations. I always feel that I can trust him to give me sound, well reasoned advice.

Area Commercial Finance Controller, Cisco Systems

Craig Delsack is a skilled negotiator and adept at finding creative solutions in complex deals situations.

Senior Director, Legal Services, Cisco Systems

Craig is an honest and trustworthy lawyer who gets the job done. He is has great knowledge in his field and he is detailed, consistent and determined to make things happen. He helped me every step of the way in my project and I appreciate him for all that he has done with my project. I even called him back for more help. He gets a ten out of ten in my book.

I don’t know of many people who could say that doing business with their lawyer is a pleasurable, rewarding experience. I can honestly say that having Craig as my lawyer is all of those and then some.The work Craig has done for me is spectacular and represents the kind of thorough, complete results I most admire. There is no detail left undone. He has made any legal process (something I know both have no knowledge of and care for, but I know is necessary) quite effortless.  Most importantly, Craig completely understands my business and having him as a lawyer feels more like having a business partner. I can honestly say that one of the many reasons I look forward to owning and running a successful business is so that I can give him more work!It makes me proud and happy to say that “I love my lawyer!” And I do.

Wavicle, Inc.

Craig, is a precise and detail oriented attorney, taking full advantage of contract law for his clients’ benefit.  Great job, always there when you need him.


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