Nov. 21, 2006.  Law Offices of Craig Delsack, LLC, internet law firm, interviewed by Natasha Vukelic today on WDBO Radio, regarding Melinda Duckett’s family suing Nancy Grace claiming her television interview led to Duckett’s suicide.

The transcript of the broadcast follows:

“Melinda Duckett’s family is suing a CNN talk show host. Duckett killed herself one day after a taped interview with Nancy Grace. Duckett’s family claims Nancy Grace caused severe emotional distress that led to Melinda Duckett’s suicide.

Attorney Craig Delsack is a specialist in media and entertainment law in New York City. He hasn’t read this case specifically, but says generally with a wrongful death suit, you would have to prove in some way that Nancy Grace was responsible for Melinda’s suicide. He says, while the interview might have caused emotional distress, Melinda wasn’t forced to participate.

“At any time, Ms. Duckett could have said ‘With all due respect, I’d like to end this interview now.'”

Delsack says Grace is a tough interviewer, and Melinda knew that before participating.

“A guilty conscience needs no accusing. If Ms. Duckett had a guilty conscience, it didn’t need Nancy Grace’s accusing her of a crime.”

Trenton Duckett has been missing since August 27th, 2006.”