As technology business lawyers in New York, we love innovations and entrepreneurship.  As a mentor to startups, we work with seed- and early-stage companies and startups, helping them refine business, financing and technology strategies to help enable rapid growth. We also advise startups in an advisory board member capacity.  Craig’s background is rooted in over a dozen years of applications and technology development and management consulting before his life as a lawyer, so he understands the business realities of starting a business — from identifying revenue sources to building a self-sustaining and scalable business.  Craig’s understanding of the intricacies of a technology business sets him apart from most other white-shoe lawyers.

Over the years, Craig has advised over a hundred startups and entrepreneurs to form and grow their businesses.  For instance, choosing the right legal entity to protecting intellectual property; securing investment capital; creating and negotiating agreements with employees, vendors and customers; and simply counseling on day-to-day business related legal issues that arise in start-up companies.

We offer start-ups in their first year a comprehensive legal start-up package for the formation of a new Delaware or New York corporation structured for a venture capital investment. We provide this package for a fixed fee of $5,000 (plus out-of-pocket expenses, such as filing fees in New York or Delaware and qualification fees in other states, if applicable).  As experienced startup lawyers, we understand no startup is the same so your business may not need everything listed below, so call one of our business startup attorneys to discuss your needs and to price other options.

This Legal Startup Package for Entrepreneurs and Startups consists of the following documents and services:

Incorporation, Organization and Qualification

  • Reservation of corporate name
  • Preparation and filing of New York or Delaware Certificate of Incorporation
  • Preparation of Bylaws and Certificate of Secretary
  • Preparation of Action By Incorporator
  • Preparation of Organizational Board Consent regarding organization and corporate governance matters.
  • Preparation and filing of Form SS-4 Application for Employer Identification Number (and state tax application for state where the business is located)
  • Preparation and filing of qualification to do business as a foreign corporation in the state in which the company is located (if applicable)
  • Preparation and organization of corporate records and minute book
  • Preparation of Stockholder Consent regarding the following organization and corporate governance matters:
    • Approval of form of Indemnification Agreement for officers and directors
    • Approval of Stock Option/Stock Issuance Plan
  • Preparation of form of Indemnification Agreement for officers and directors

Capitalization Matters

  • Preparation of Founders’ Restricted Stock Purchase Agreements for up to four Founders (with standard vesting terms)
  • Preparation of Stock Certificates and Receipts for up to four Founders
  • Preparation of 83(b) Elections for Founders

Employment and Consulting Matters

  • Preparation of form of At-Will Employment Offer Letter
  • Preparation of form of Employee Confidentiality and Inventions Agreement
  • Preparation of form of Independent Contractor Services Agreement

Intellectual Property Matters

  • Preparation of form of Unilateral (One Way) Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Preparation of form of Mutual (2-Way) Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Preparation of Assignment of intellectual property from Founders to the company

Includes 3 Hours of Legal Time for Consultations

In addition to these documents and filings, we also provide up to three (3) hours of advice and consultation with a startup attorney and/or document review and negotiation on matters of your choice (which may include topics such as employment, real estate (office or store leases), intellectual property, venture capital and/or angel investor term sheets, private placement memorandums (PPMs), fund raising, & business plans; and negotiating, reviewing, drafting, and execution of other business or personal related agreements).

What is Not Included

The Legal Startup Package for Entrepreneurs is designed to provide start-ups with a comprehensive set of tools that will allow them to protect their intellectual property and become investor-ready to seek outside financing.  This package does not include any stockholders’ agreement among the founders or any private placement memorandum or other documents to raise external financing.