In most cases, you have one shot at impressing potential buyers.  If they aren’t impressed, don’t take it personally.  Separate yourself from the personal feelings you have about the home; it’s not your home now, it’s a commodity you intend to market.  If you were buying the condo, coop or home, what would you think of it?  Take a close look at the condition of your home and stage (prepare) your home (condo or coop) for showings. You may be rewarded with a faster sale at a higher price.

Start with the basics. Everything from floors to windows must be spotless (including your appliances).  Have the apartment professionally cleaned.  Offensive odors are a BIG turn-off — eliminate bad odor sources.

Eliminate the clutter.   Hide small kitchen appliances and other items that are sitting on countertops and tables; remove photographs from table-tops and organize the closets.  Pack up the bulk of large, personal collections.

Make it more spacious.  Remove excess furniture to make rooms more spacious.  Consider storing boxes and unnecessary furniture in a temporary off-site mini-storage space.

Expose Desirable Features.  Remove rugs if they hide nice hardwood floors; remove heavy drapes that keep out natural light.

Repair and repaint.  Apply a fresh coat of neutral colored paint; replace broken lighting and bath and kitchen fixtures; use bright bulbs; fix all squeaks and leaks; patch walls; and make sure all doors operate smoothly.

Create an Atmosphere.   On days of showings: turn on all the lights, and fill the home with a pleasing smell by placing fresh-cut fragrant flowers on a table or by simmering vanilla extract in a small pot of water.

You should consider hiring a New York real estate lawyer early in the process.  He or she will guide you through the home (condo or coop) selling process by preparing and negotiating the real estate broker agreement, drafting the contract of sale, answering your legal and tax questions, and arranging for the documents necessary to complete the sale, among other things.